Monograph Pair Of Storage Boxes Black


What’s a home without storage boxes? A little less complete if you ask Monograph. Your office and even living room could do with a few of them to help you organize and keep a tidy space. Monograph always designs them in sets of two different sizes. These black ones called File will keep your documents, office supplies and papers safe for you and look great at the same time. Win. And they are time-savers too. Why waste your time arranging things on your desk when you can simply put them in a stylish box and be done.

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Small: 28 cm, w: 22 cm, h: 8 cm, l:
Large: 32 cm, w: 26 cm, h: 10 cm



At Monograph we create office supplies and storing solutions for the creative souls. Our mission is to help you bring out your inner creativity. Here at Monograph we love creativity and playing! At the same time, we have a passion for nice design and we want to provide you with effective solutions which can help you integrate your home office as a part of your personal décor.


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