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Indulge the hard worker in your life. Give the gift of luxury to your loved one and treat them to beneficial botanicals for luxuriously moisturised and cleansed skin.

Gardener’s Solid Hand Cream Bar
Geranium and Sweet Orange Luxury Lip Balm
Super Scottish Porridge & Honey Cold Processed Soap

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Directions for Use:

Gently rub Gardener’s Solid Hand Cream Bar over the surface of your palms and the backs of your hands, focusing on areas of dryness. As you rub the cream into your skin, try applying a little pressure to warm the tissues beneath the skin surface and increase circulation. Enjoy the subtle and sensual aroma on your skin.

As often as you want, dip the tip of your finger onto the surface of the Geranium and Sweet Orange Luxury Lip Balm, and apply to your lips to immediately reduce moisture loss, create a protective barrier, and nourish your lips for a replenished and softened look. Enjoy the kissable smooth sensation and go turn heads!

Remove the Super Scottish Porridge and Honey Cold Processed Soap from its canvas bag and under warm water build up a luxuriously fragrant lather. Apply with gentle rhythmic stroking, paying particular attention to areas that require a little exfoliation. Enjoy the softly cleansing effect which will leave you feeling renewed, invigorated, and smooth all over.

*Soap type may vary in gift box according to stock levels*

Please note these products have not been tested on animals.


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