Ava Blue


How do you calculate?*

Wallpapers without pattern repeat

The most common ceiling height, in a standard room, is 2.4 m.
A roll that has 10.05 x 0.53 m of wallpaper will give you 4 panels that covers 2.12 m of the wall.
(2.4 x 4 = 9.6 m, 4 x 0.53 = 2.12 m)

Wallpapers with pattern repeat

If the wallpaper has a pattern repeat of more than 10 cm you will only get 3 panels per roll. This is calculated based on a ceiling height of 2.4 m

*Please note this is only a guide

Design: Studio Sandberg
Product Group: Wallpaper
Unit of Measure: Roll
Dimensions (cm) 1005 x 53
Pattern Name:
End Date:
Pattern Fit:
Pattern Repeat (cm): 0


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