All Purpose Cleanser TINCTURE


One of our most popular blends, this multi-purpose cleaning product is perfect for wiping surfaces around your home. Safe for use on all materials, including granite and marble, and like our entire range, TINCTURE All Purpose is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to bleach based cleaning products which contain harsh chemicals.

Those who suffer from sensitive skin, asthma, eczema and allergies will benefit from keeping the air and surfaces in your home as natural as possible. Our products have been dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin. As well as keeping your family healthy, this household cleaner will add a sense of calm to your home thanks to the herbal ingredients which create a relaxing aroma.

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Dermatologically tested.
Safe for skin.
Made in England.
Eco-friendly: Our formula is safe for the environment and will break down naturally without harming plants or animals.
Reduce plastic: top up your bottle with our handy refills and reduce plastic in your home.
Vegan-friendly: no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients.
Free from: all toxic chemicals, including petrochemicals, phosphates, SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes.
Volume: 475ml


Tincture of London


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