Order Curtains Online

Simple follow our simple instructions and order bespoke curtains online.

These will then be delivered directly to you. Please note, all of our curtains are handmade, lined and interlined.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality. Simply choose your fabric and fill in the form. Please feel free to request a free sample pack of the fabrics.

How to Measure Curtains

  • Select the fabric you would like
  • Select if you would like blackout lining
  • Select the heading style you would like – Pencil Pleat, Double Pleat, Triple Pleat.
  • Measure the pole from finial to final – this is your width. If you have a track measure the full length of the track
  • Measure from the middle of the pole down to where you would want your curtains to sit. ie. window ledge or floor. We would always recommend full length.
  • If you have any questions just give us a ring.