As an interior design studio, we are lucky enough to get the pick of the litter when it comes to choosing which paint lines we stock. And we have tried a few! Maylands of London is a product that we always come back to and adore, for many reasons. So, I thought we would share some of the reasons we love this paint range and help guide you a little on where to start.

Set up by ‘Honest’ John Myland in 1884, whose shop in Lambert, South London only stocked paint made from the finest materials. It soon became the best kept secret among interior designer, decorators and those working in film and theatre.  Maylands paints has its background in the glamorous world of film and TV. You will almost certainly have seen their handy work. James Bond, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Mr Selfridge, Les Miserables and Cinderella to name a few. 1985, Maylands received the ultimate accolade – a coveted royal warrant.

So, what makes their paint so special?

Maylands colourists take great pride in their craft; creating timeless colours that have sumptuous rich depth and paint formulations that are thick, lustrous and easy to use. Renowned for its outstanding coverage and opacity, Maylands paint is exceptionally hardwearing and beautiful to look at, leaving a lasting impression wherever it’s used. Meaning, you can’t go far wrong no matter what colour you choose. The range is beautiful and brings a depth and richness to any interior.

Maylands paints are water based with a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, making them virtually solvent free and kind to you, your family and the environment. Translation: Great for families, people with allergies, eczema and those wanting to use a less toxic option of paint. Maylands are still use natural earth pigments in our paint, which makes them sumptuously deep and colour rich as well as eco-friendly.

Some of our personal favourites:

Threadneedle: A soft yogurt pink that never fails to impress. Feminine in a quiet easy-going way that makes any space feel special.

Beaufort Gardens: This colour has the perfect amount of blue/green ratio making it dynamic and usable in most spaces. It has a comfortable lived in feel that is effortless but with enough personality that it is sure to spark conversation.

Hoxton Grey: The perfect warm grey with a neutral base, works, well works anywhere you decide to put it. But we particularly love it in the living room and also bedrooms.

Bond Street: If you’re looking for a colour smart strong colour this is the one we recommend. Although it is an intense colour it reads almost as a neutral when painted never fails to have views swooning.

This is not an exhaustive list and quite frankly we could wax lyrical about this brand all day long, it’s just that scrummy! Our range of Mylands of London paints can be bought at the studio but also can be purchased here on our website and delivered directly to your front door. If you need any advice or would like a colour card sent out please let us know.