Mylands was established in 1844 It has been a family run business for over four generations, service the most discerning of clients. In 1985 Mylands earned itself a Royal Warrant.

Testimony to it’s outstanding quality. Mylands has been perfecting their paint ingredients and recipes for the last 130years. Tucked away in South London the company have been quietly honing their skills, making them one of the best. Offering up unrivalled colours and finishes.

The range of paint colours and finishes are lovely, and sure to inspire everyone. The colours are richly pigments and never lack in personality. Their flag ship finish Marble Matt emulsion is hardwearing and it is easy to see why. The paint contains crushed marble making it very durable and able to stand up to modern life. We often have clients who are not familiar with the brand, but once they try it, they are hooked. It is easy to see why! Mylands have a strong background in film and TV so chances are you’ve been looking at their colours for years.

Below are just some of their work. FILM & TV Including:

  • Upstairs Downstairs
  • Downton Abbey
  • The King’s Speech
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • The Bourne Series 

At Aitch we choose who we work with very carefully as it is important to us to always offer our clients brands and finishes that are of the highest quality.

We know that working with Mylands we are able to bring beautiful interiors to life while supporting a British brand. If you would like to add Mylands to your life, visit our dedicated Mylands page, or feel free to contact us, we are always here to help.