Founded in 2002 Earthborn was developed as an alternative to traditional paints. It is an Eco paint and contains no oils or acrylics. Earthborn have been awarded the first UK licence of the EU Ecolabel for Indoor Paints and Varnishes.

It is easy to see why they are going to from strength to strength. The range is a beautiful array of earthy colours from neutrals to bold hues and moody darks. Their paints are unmistakeable.

Being non toxic which makes this paint a great choice for those suffering with allergies or with children. Earthborn paint is clay based, this makes it perfect for painting over lime plaster, which demands a breathable paint covering.

The range is split into the following: Clay paint: The most breathable, matt finish, suitable to internal walls and ceilings Lifestyle: A durable washable finish. Perfect for the modern home Eggshell no7: An interior wood and metal finish, formula without oils or acrylics. Dries to give a soft sheen EcoChic: Deliciously creamy clay furniture paint EcoPro: Eco Friendly trade paint especially formulated for larger projects EcoPro Silicate Masonry paint: Classic matt finish external paint and traditional limewash Earthborn has recently launched their new Earth Collection.

A small delicious collected batch of five new colours. Grassy: as soft muted green with enough depth to calm the soul Skipper: a laidback blue reminiscent of Norfolk fishing boats Crocky Road: A beautiful beige and the perfect choice for a living room Up Up and Away: Inspired by fluffy clouds this is a great off white Sandcastle: Think sunlight on sandy dunes. Soft light and beautiful Follow the link to purchase directly from us or drop us an email if you need any further help or advise.

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