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Brand Story

I have always been drawn to homes of that past with linens that only got better with time, and oak furniture that displayed it age with pride. Holidays in Scandinavian countries that embraced the simple, everything having a function but being beautifully made, well thought out and considered.

The summer homes by the lakes to the textural warmth twinkling through winter windows. I’ve drawn influence from many places, anther being the small unspoilt beachy towns along the Norfolk coast line. The grassy dunes, the summer breeze, the relaxed simple hues. Nothing overdone, just quietly casual, timeless.

After creating this in my own home and working on various projects I really started to feel the need to help more people create easy beautiful interiors easy and pulled together. Celebrating the honest materials, woods, linens, wools. I believe passionately that your home is your sanctuary and should feel as such.

It is the place you go to decompress, relax, enjoy great food, good wine, and of course connect with the ones you love. Our mission at Aitch it to move away for fast interiors, trends and fashions. While we are always keeping an eye on the trends, we are more led by form follows function.

A neutral palette with personality, textures and great quality fabrics and an aesthetic influenced by beautiful Scandinavian design and reminiscent of Norfolk’s relaxed attitude to life. Our studio is nettled in the rural Lincolnshire countryside in the beautiful Wellingore Hall. The studio was once the old stables and is steeped in history, making it the perfect place to get the creative juices flowing. The quality of light is just stunning and in our humble opinion our studio is just a little bit special.

Our values

At Aitch we value the honesty of materials. In a throw away world, we are mindful of making for conscientious decisions about what we stock, who we work with and how we work.

For this reason, we try where possible to work with local companies, and makers. All of our new furniture is solid wood, designed to last and get better with age.

To us, it is not only the new that is of value, we also see the beauty in older pieces that hold a history and character about them. We never discount stocking older pieces. We simply judge them on the same criteria, are they functional and are they beautiful? We source these treasures on a continual basis, but can also source specific pieces for clients.