After surviving a year of difficulty and being in the throws of another Covid lockdowns as well as gloomy December weather, Aitch made a startling and delightful discovery!

We have had a chance encounter with a very handsome wire-haired grey and white fox terrier boy called Aitch who had recently been rescued. I was approached by Aitch’ humans, trying to find out if there was any connection between our Interior Design Studio and this bouncy, mysterious little canine, who was not giving any information away. Sadly, there was no known connection to Aitch the dog, but as we are a forward thing enterprise with an equal opportunity ethos, we have decided to offer him the prestigious job of Official Company Mascot if he so desired, after going through an application and interview process and having a few photos taken, in order for us to assess his photographic suitability. After all an OCM (Official Company Mascot) job is not something that is ever offered lightly.

Remuneration would be in bones, treats and tummy scratches. 


1. Ball or stick?  Answer: It makes no difference to me, f it moves I’m on it! Depends on what’s available, ball in the garden or the stubble field, stick on the Common, little round apples that roll away by themselves, blowing leaves and pigeons!

2. Postman?  Answer: After an initial quiet period while I got my bearings, now anyone outside the door is a potential threat, so must be warned that it’s MY home. Once the door opens anyone there could have treats secreted in many places therefore need to be subjected to intense close up & personal investigation by nose, with clear warning sounds if they mistake this close attention for affection and attempt to deter me from my investigations.

3. Walks or naps?  Answer: There is a time for either. It’s fun to pretend to be napping when the humans want me to do something, like go outside (leave the fireside, in the cold), particularly at bedtime. The resulting cajoling and various feeble attempts at persuasion make me want to prolong the issue to see what they can come up with next. Walks is an interesting topic. Of course, I love any opportunity to use my nose, so far, it’s only got me into minimal trouble, however my humans are trying to train me to return when they want me to. I find this particularly amusing as the longer I ignore them, the more agitated they become!

4. Favourite treat?  Answer: During the day, if the humans think I have tried to be good, I will get a miniscule doggy treat, of any crunchy variety. As my humans are still under training, they are daft, as they have not yet worked out how to get my attention and think rattling the treat pot will get the expected response. I do not expect this to last but will continue to utilise their generosity as long as possible whilst praying the treats get more substantial. I am on my best behaviour at bedtime and once I have done the necessary in the garden, jumped into my basket and looked pleased with myself I am awarded a chewy Dentastik which has to keep me sustained until breakfast time. In the early days of human ownership, I tried a few tricks to get them to come back downstairs, by wining pitifully like a baby, however they must be heavy sleepers are this brought no result!

5. Swimming or no swimming?  Answer: This will be a new adventure for me, in the Spring when the water warms up. I had a scary experience when I jumped into Hartsholme lake and realised I couldn’t get out again. Fortunately, my human Dad came to the rescue hauling me out by my collar with only my pride damaged and his socks wet. I look forward to visiting the coast where I have been told that skinny dipping is all the rage, but will have to wait to see if this is true.

6. Mum or Dad?  Answer: You don’t expect me to answer that do you? Every human has something special about them, and there is no way I can choose one over another – besides, humans have an extraordinary thing called pockets. These hold a multitude of lovely things like treats, keys (one of my favourite noises) and poop bags. I wonder if I might grow some of these pockets as I get older?

Aitch’s humans put the proposal to him which he chewed over carefully, considering his current position of watch dog, companion and chief navigator when his humans go travelling in their camper van. He was definitely up for any challenge set before him – after all if he’s a survivor!

Christmas came, and I received some festive Christmas photo from our newest employee, telling me of his latest escapades to Lapland to try and find Santa. More pointedly, some new squeaky toys or pull ropes. We are looking forward to hearing of all his adventures!

Aitch xxx